Personal Injury Trial Attorneys – Automobile, Motorcycle, and Tractor Trailer Collisions

Ojeda Legal, LLC was formed to fulfill a need in our community. We understand how difficult life can be coping with an injury, especially a catastrophic injury. The injured are faced with a complex maze of self-interested insurance companies, tough medical decisions, wrong-doers trying to escape responsibility, and huge mounting medical bills.

The insurance and healthcare industries pay enormous amounts of money to protect themselves, often to the detriment of the injured. We know you need a partner to protect your interests. To make sure you are treated fairly and to fight on your behalf when you are not. Finding an attorney to protect your interests can be difficult.

The marketplace today is saturated with numerous state and local large firms that seek to grab and settle as many cases possible without focusing on the individual needs of the injured client. Wading through endless websites, clip art, unrealistic promises, and catchy slogans to find the right attorney for you can be frustrating.

Ojeda Legal, LLC was created to be an alternative to a marketplace saturated by “case mills.” We believe in personal contact and service to all of our clients. We take charge of the situation and make sure our clients are aggressively represented.